X-Men First class sequel gets the Green Light


One can say that Marvel comic book brand has been transforming very well into the big screen, this summer we got to experience the anticipated movie “The Avengers” as we saw a collection of movies building up to that one. The whole X Men series, that started in 2000 has been a success and one that fans did not want to see end at X Men 3. They then provided us branch offs starting with Wolverine back story. That movie opened a gateway to other story lines to develop to better understand of the whole X Men family, as we got a glimpse of the starting of Professor X school for the specially gifted, but even after this fans demanded more. Now we know there will be more as told on Cinema Blend production is suppose to start next January. Being a X Men fan I am really looking forward to what the plot will be and who they will introduce into this movie. In first class we were introduced the Cyclopes’ brother Havoc and it makes me wonder when will Cyclopes be introduce and if we will get a glimpse of the X Factor team. Many possibilities can be developed into the story line of this movie and the expectation will be big.

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