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Quarantine Enterprise LLC has operated Quarantine Radio and successful helped various artist, small business, and activist reach out to an audience unreachable before their encounter with us.

With our visibility on social media websites and our online radio show, we are able help our potential clients reach their goals to succeed with their goals. Below you will see many different packages we have available to help you

Current Clients

Quarantine Services

Building Your Brand

This package is a 6-month package which Quarantine Enterprise LLC structures up what our client’s DNA should consist of to develop a more welcoming image. Once we determine the target audience that they are trying to obtain, our team then strategize to determine the best type of platforms to promote our client that will enhance their appearance, build longevity with potential customer’s interest, determine things that should be associated with the client. This package also includes developing a logo that fits our clients as well as help them stand out.


This package is a 8-month package that starts with our team sitting down with our client to determine the strategies that client has already used to build their brand. We then determine what factors they are already using that was useful and which ones was hurting their image. After this is determine, our team then develops a plan to enhance and re-invent our clients image to the public. Re invention is to correct the flaws in the clients image to make them more welcoming to the public. The package includes revamping of logo.

Exclusive PR

This is a year package, includes everything with the branding service, as well as conducting deals for sponsorships and endorsements. This package also includes a 5% commission.

Press Release Write Up w/ Media Press kit

We will write up a professional press release to promote our clients upcoming project, as well as design a media press kit to enhance their visibility with a summarize visualization.

Radio Promotion

This package includes radio ads on Quarantine Radio show

Website Banner

Get placement on Quarantine Radio website

Radio/Website promotion

Both Radio and Website placements See if your business qualifies for commission only package We will sit down, talk about your business, and see if commission only will benefit both parties.

1 hour One on One Coaching

For one hour you will sit down with us and determine what it is you need to enhance yourself to become better overall

Commission consideration

A meeting to see if our company working off just commision to build your brand and business is profitable for both parties.